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Day Building Class Type
M – Monday
T – Tuesday
W – Wednesday
R – Thursday
F – Friday
S – Saturday
N – Sunday
AU – Will Rogers Auditorium
BARTLES – Bartlesville High School
BH – Baird Hall
BR – Bartlesville Campus
FAA – Fine Arts Annex
FH – Bushyhead Fieldhouse
HH – Herrington Hall
HS – Health Sciences 
LH – Loshbaugh Hall
LOCUSTG – Locust Grove High School
MK – Markham Hall
OOLOGAH – Oologah High School
PH – Preparatory Hall
PR – Pryor Campus
SL – Sculpture Lab
TL – Stratton Taylor Library
NTC – Northeast Tech – Pryor
UC – Univ. Village Clubhouse
B – Blended class
D – Independent Study class
H – Honors
I – Interactive Video class
R – Online class
V – Compressed Video class

Note: It is the intent of Rogers State University to offer all courses and programs listed in this schedule, but such listing does not obligate Rogers State University. Rogers State University reserves the right to cancel or change courses and programs. In addition, the days, times and location of courses may change from this listing. Please verify your schedule while enrolling.