Permanent Signs

The Rogers State University Public Relations Office is responsible for permanent interior and exterior building signage, including all identification, directional and room number signage. If your department is in need of new or additional signage, please contact David Hamby.

RSUPR maintains a set of graphic standards for all permanent campus signage. Those standards, including size, color, and design, vary slightly according to a building’s interior design and color scheme. Most signs appear in RSU Blue PMS #288 with white lettering. All signage must be ADA compliant and include information in Braille. Cost of the signs must be approved by the Physical Plant office. The university maintains various vendors to maintain and produce new university signage.

Temporary Signs

If your department is in need of temporary campus signage to help advertise or direct visitors to a special event, you may contact the Print Shop. Printing Center personnel will help produce the signs for you. A variety of temporary signage formats are available. Your department will be expected to pay for the signs and you should contact the Physical Plant to arrange for installation and removal. Signs should be recycled for future use when possible.


Temporary or semi-permanent vinyl banners may be ordered by your department by contacting the Print Shop. The Print Shop will adhere to approved RSU graphic standards in developing your sign. Use of the RSU colors of blue and red is strongly encouraged whenever possible. You will need to contact the Physical Plant for installation and removal of the banners. Your department will be charged for the banners.


RSUPR is pleased to provide these RSU Posters for your use.