Department Last Name First Name Prefix Phone Email Title/Position Building Room
- Rogers State University - ACADEMIC-AFFAIRS 9183437615 Meyer Hall 110
- Rogers State University - ADMISSIONS 9183437546 Markham Hall 249
- Rogers State University - ATHLETICS 9183437782 Bushyhead Field House 201
- Rogers State University - BARTLESVILLE-CAMPUS 9183388000 Bartlesville Campus 100
- Rogers State University - BOOKSTORE-BVILLE 9183388014 Bartlesville Campus Bookstore
- Rogers State University - BURSAR 9183437558 Markham Hall 204
- Rogers State University - BVILLE-MAINTENANCE 9183388086 Bartlesville Campus 206-Main
- Rogers State University - ---CALL-RSU--- 9183437777 Switchboard Markham Hall 100
- Rogers State University - CAMERON-UNIVERSITY 9183437971 Baird Hall 201
- Rogers State University - CAMPUS-POLICE 9183437624 Economic/Community Dev 100
- Rogers State University - CONVENIENCE-STORE 9183437880 Centennial Center 106
- Rogers State University - EQUESTRIAN-CENTER 9183711750 Equestrian Center Office
- Rogers State University - FINANCIAL-AID 9183437553 Markham Hall 249
- Rogers State University - HELPDESK-in-ECAMPUS 9183437849 Helpdesk in Center for Teaching and Learning Health Sciences 249
- Rogers State University - HILLCAT-CARD-ID 9183436884 Markham Hall 206A
- Rogers State University - HILLCAT-HUT 9183437846 Centennial Center 104
- Rogers State University - LIBRARY-FRONT-DESK 9183437716 Stratton Taylor Library 200
- Rogers State University - PRINT-SHOP MAIL-ROOM 9183437859 Pershing Hall 104
- Rogers State University - PRYOR-CAMPUS 9188256117 Pryor Campus OFFICE
- Rogers State University - REGISTRAR 9183437552 Markham Hall 232
- Rogers State University - RSU-RADIO 9183437669 Markham Hall 140
Academic Computing Services Frailey Bailey 9183437533 Technical Support Assistant Preparatory Hall 224
Accountability and Academics Borgstrom Shelly 9183437668 Associate Director Meyer Hall 109
Accountability and Academics Delossantos Cindy 9183436866 Administrative Assistant Meyer Hall 114
Accountability and Academics Millikin Mary Dr. 9183437605 Assistant VP of Accountability and Academics Meyer Hall 113
Administration Academic Affairs Office of 9183437615 Meyer Hall 110
Administration Beck Richard Dr. 9183437615 VP for Academic Affairs Meyer Hall 111
Administration Jones Donna 9183437537 Meyer Hall
Administration Melton Nan 9183437615 Administrative Assistant for Academic Affairs Meyer Hall 110
Administration Rice Larry Dr. 9183437612 President Meyer Hall 105
Administration Spurlock Rhonda 9183437612 Executive Assistant to the President Meyer Hall 106
Administration Story Claudia 9183437861 Administrative Assistant for Business Affairs Meyer Hall 117
Administration Volturo Thomas 9183437861 Executive VP for Administration and Finance Meyer Hall 121
Administrative Services (Mail Room) Brown Erika 9183438365 Records Scanning Analyst Pershing Hall 108
Administrative Services (Mail Room) Print-Shop Mail-Room 9183437859 Pershing Hall 104
Administrative Services (Mail Room) Stonebarger Trudy 9183436881 Press Operator Pershing Hall 108
Administrative Services (Mail Room) Thompson Don 9183437788 Mail Room Clerk Pershing Hall 102
Administrative Services (Mail Room) Wall Connie 9183436880 Copy Center / Banners Pershing Hall 113
Admissions Admissions Office of 9183437545 Markham Hall 249
Admissions Admissions Office of 9183437546 Markham Hall 249
Admissions Chang Bea 9183437727 Prospective Student Services Representative Markham Hall 215
Admissions Crain Heather 9183437751 Prospective Student Services Representative Markham Hall 210
Admissions Hall Joy Lin 9183437541 Director of Admissions Markham Hall 245
Admissions Jordan Tonya 9183437546 Admissions Assistant Markham Hall 249Admin1
Admissions McElroy Sara 9183438358 Student Support Coordinator Markham Hall 218
Admissions Page Nancy 9183437547 Senior Admissions Counselor Markham Hall 241
Admissions Parks Megan 9183436803 Prospective Student Services Representative Markham Hall 212
Admissions Riddle Jennifer 9183437548 Admissions Counselor Markham Hall 239
Admissions Russell Jennifer 9183437730 Testing Center Coordinator Markham Hall 223
Admissions Stroble Jody 9183437629 Admissions Counselor/Data Specialist Markham Hall 239
Admissions Vernon Valorie 9183437549 Prospective Student Services Representative Markham Hall 214
Admissions Warren Rebekah 9183437565 Assistant Director of Admissions Markham Hall 208
Admissions Zink Brittany 9183388016 Admissions Counselor Bartlesville Campus
Applied Technology Gardner Roy Dr. 9183437832 Department Head Herrington Hall 108
Applied Technology Kyrylova Tetyana Dr. 9183437722 Instructor Herrington Hall 216
Applied Technology Luscomb Thomas 9183437814 Assistant Professor Herrington Hall 119
Applied Technology MacPherson Peter Dr. 9183437529 Professor Herrington Hall 255
Applied Technology Sparling Curtis 9183436805 Instructor Herrington Hall 232A
Athletics Athletics Office of 9183437782 Bushyhead Field House 201
Athletics Barkley Justin 9183436804 Head Mens Basketball Coach Bushyhead Field House 203
Athletics Braun Steve 9183437839 Assistant Athletic Director for Operations Bushyhead Field House 206
Athletics Brown Robert 9183436815 Assistant Baseball Coach/Grounds Keeper Baseball/Softball Complex 203
Athletics Cato Heather 9183437996 Head Womans Soccer Coach Soccer Field 104D
Athletics Cope Robert 9183437883 Head Womens Basketball Coach Bushyhead Field House 102C
Athletics Erwin Ryan 9183437782 Director of Athletics Bushyhead Field House 202
Athletics Fosdick Joshua 9183437894 Head Mens and Womens Golf Coach Bushyhead Field House B005
Athletics Froese Logan 9183437757 Assistant Womens Basketball Coach Bushyhead Field House 102A
Athletics Jackson Eddie 9183437988 Associate Athletic Director for Compliance Bushyhead Field House 201B
Athletics Klimas Chris 9183437787 Head Baseball Coach Baseball/Softball Complex 203
Athletics Larkin Derek 9183437995 Head Soccer Coach / Instructor Soccer Field 104L
Athletics McCormick Chris 9183437689 Head Cross Country Coach Soccer Field 104N
Athletics McCulloch Lauren 9183437881 Assistant Womens Basketball Coach Bushyhead Field House 102B
Athletics OBrien Jill 9183435201 Assistant Athletic Trainer Soccer Field 104J
Athletics Patel Vinay 9183437678 Asst Mens Basketball Coach Bushyhead Field House 205
Athletics Renault Amy 9183436813 Head Softball Coach Baseball/Softball Complex 202
Athletics Robertson Trey 9183435203 Head Athletic Trainer Soccer Field 104J
Athletics Slarks Scott 9183438350 Sports Information Director Bushyhead Field House 201A
Athletics Stowers Nick 9183437884 Assistant Athletic Dir for Student Development Bushyhead Field House B009
Athletics Tatro Dawn 9183437782 Executive Assistant to the Athletic Director Bushyhead Field House 201
Athletics Turner Morrie 9183437290 Assistant Womens Track Coach Soccer Field 104D
Athletics Vaughan Andrea 9183437562 Assistant Softball Coach Baseball/Softball Complex
Athletics Wayman Tyler 9183436864 Assistant Mens Basketball Coach Bushyhead Field House 203
Athletics Williams Sara 9183437989 Assistant AD for Media Relations Bushyhead Field House 201C
Bartlesville Campus Beierschmitt Bill 9183388040 Provost and Chief Operating Officer Bartlesville Campus 701
Bartlesville Campus Campus Bartlesville 9183388000 Bartlesville Campus 100
Bartlesville Campus Davis Stephen 9183388005 Bartlesville Maintenance Technician Bartlesville Campus 226B
Bartlesville Campus Elzo Larry 9183388056 Instructor Bartlesville Campus 705
Bartlesville Campus Gage Frank 9183388086 Bartlesville Senior Building Maintenance Tech Bartlesville Campus 206
Bartlesville Campus Maintenance REDA 9183388086 Bartlesville REDA Building Maintenance Bartlesville Campus 206-Main
Bartlesville Campus Maintenance-Basement REDA 9183388085 Bartlesville REDA Building Maintenance Bartlesville Campus Basement
Bartlesville Campus Martens Jon 9183388039 Instructor Bartlesville Campus 723
Bartlesville Campus Miller Jenny 9183388030 Administrative Assistant to Provost Bartlesville Campus 700A
Bartlesville Campus Phillip Tracy 9183388021 Counselor Bartlesville Campus 106
Bartlesville Campus Riden Ronda 9183388000 Coordinator of Campus Services Bartlesville Campus 100
Biology Bowen Jerry Dr. 9183437574 Department Head and Assistant Professor Loshbaugh Hall 209
Biology Glass Claudia Dr. 9183437697 Assistant Professor Loshbaugh Hall 207
Biology Glass Don 9183437701 Assistant Professor Loshbaugh Hall 202
Biology Katz Sue Dr. 9183437702 Professor Loshbaugh Hall 105
Biology Kim Jae-Ho Dr. 9183437714 Professor Loshbaugh Hall 103
Biology Lee Eric Dr. 9183437835 Instructor Loshbaugh Hall 209
Biology Logsdon Tamara 9183437695 Administrative Assistant Loshbaugh Hall 210
Biology Register Adele Dr. 9183388017 Assistant Professor Bartlesville Campus 728
Biology Seo Jin Dr. 9183437841 Assistant Professor Loshbaugh Hall 208
Biology Zimmermann Craig Dr. 9183436818 Assistant Professor Loshbaugh Hall 205A
Bit by Bit Bit Bit by 9183719979 Bit By Bit Program Equestrian Center Office
Bit by Bit Bit Bit by 9183711750 Bit By Bit Program Equestrian Center Office
Bit by Bit Peck Stephanie 9183711750 Bit by Bit Program Assistant Equestrian Center
Bookstore Bookstore-Bville RSU 9183388014 Bartlesville Campus Bookstore
Bookstore Caldwell Sabrina 9183437847 Bookstore Manager Centennial Center Bookstore
Budget & Accounting Garland Kimberly 9183437696 Accounts Payable Coordinator Markham Hall 120
Budget & Accounting Lamberson Christie 9183437790 Procurement Coordinator Markham Hall 122
Budget & Accounting Mathews Daryl 9183437506 Fiscal Accountant Markham Hall 121
Budget & Accounting Meadors Mark 9183437860 Comptroller / Assistant VP for Business Affairs Markham Hall 106
Budget & Accounting Wigginton Nicole 9183437816 Fiscal Analyst Markham Hall 124
Bursar Bursar Office of 9183437558 Markham Hall 204A
Bursar Coates JeanAnne 9183437731 Cashier II Markham Hall 204
Bursar Crawford Katelyn 9183437803 Assistant Bursar Markham Hall 206B
Bursar Dicken Cameron 9183437559 Cashier I Markham Hall 204A
Bursar Gorley Marie 9183437560 Bursar Markham Hall 202
Bursar Hillcat-Card-ID Office of 9183436884 Markham Hall 206
Bursar Vaughn Clohe 9183437831 Cashier III Markham Hall 204
Business Carey James 9183437810 Assistant Professor Herrington Hall 250
Business Carment Thomas Dr. 9183437522 Professor Herrington Hall 209
Business Gorden Paula 9183437525 Instructor Herrington Hall 230B
Business Gray Dana Dr. 9188256028 Associate Professor Herrington Hall 161
Business Hart MaryRose Dr. 9183437739 Professor Herrington Hall 214
Business Jackson Todd Dr. 9183437986 Associate Professor Herrington Hall 163
Business Johnk David Dr. 9183438352 Assistant Professor Herrington Hall 230A
Business Kennemer Cathy Dr. 9183437699 Assistant Professor Herrington Hall 232B
Business Marche Gary Dr. 9183437519 Associate Professor Herrington Hall 242
Business Saffarian Massoud Dr. 9183437969 Associate Professor Herrington Hall 248
Business Savitz Gwendolyn 9183437953 Temporary Assistant Professor Herrington Hall 230B
Business Sutton Terry Dr. 9183437815 Professor Herrington Hall 114
Business Tollison Bert Dr. 9183437507 Department Head / Professor Herrington Hall 106
Business Willis Bob 9183437666 Assistant Professor Herrington Hall 211
Campus Police Department Boergermann Gary 9183437625 Director of Campus Police Department Economic/Community Dev 101
Campus Police Department Department Campus Police 9183437624 Economic/Community Dev 100
Campus Police Department Dunham Matthew 9188256034 Campus Police Officer Economic/Community Dev
Campus Police Department McFadden Grady 9183437624 Campus Police Officer Economic/Community Dev 100
Center for Teaching & Learning Brown Kay 9183437734 Technical Coordinator Health Sciences 248B
Center for Teaching & Learning Dotterer Gary Dr. 9183437713 Director Health Sciences 249
Center for Teaching & Learning -Helpdesk e-campus 9183437849 Helpdesk in Center for Teaching and Learning Health Sciences 249
Center for Teaching & Learning Spencer Donna 9183437703 Administrative Assistant Health Sciences 248A
Communications Blakely David Dr. 9183437521 Associate Professor Baird Hall 221C
Communications Coomer Cathy 9183437571 Assistant Professor / General Manager, RSU Radio Markham Hall 134
Communications Crowley Thomas 9183437670 KRSC-FM Station Manager Markham Hall 145
Communications Evusa Juliet Dr. 9183437677 Associate Professor Baird Hall 221E
Communications Gentry Jeffery Dr. 9183437742 Department Head / Professor Baird Hall 221B
Communications Kruse Holly 9183437879 Associate Professor Baird Hall 221D
Communications Moss Jacqueline 9183436825 Administrative Assistant Baird Hall 221
Communications Nichols Caleb 9183437576 Auditorium-Media Supervisor Baird Hall 221G
Communications Williams Lee 9183437505 Assistant Professor Baird Hall 221F
Computing Services (Administrative) Burns Catherine 9183437791 Director Markham Hall 226A
Computing Services (Administrative) Krumwiede Jamie 9183437534 Software Support Specialist Markham Hall 226B
Computing Services (Administrative) Winzenburg Sarah 9183437698 Software Support Specialist Markham Hall 226B
Development & Alumni Doyle Clarice 9183436833 Development Director, Giving and Research Foundation Alumni Center 104
Development & Alumni Harper Michelle 9183438357 Development and Scholarship Officer Foundation Alumni Center 104C
Development & Alumni Harrald Tonni 9183437767 Director of Development Foundation Alumni Center 112
Development & Alumni McDaniel Bryon 9183437768 Database Manager Foundation Alumni Center 104
Development & Alumni Payne Shonna 9183437775 Accountant Foundation Alumni Center 110
Development & Alumni Phillips Maynard 9183437773 VP for Development Foundation Alumni Center 116
Development & Alumni Sutherland Brandi 9183437773 Executive Assistant Foundation Alumni Center 106
Development & Alumni Thompson Angela 9183388023 Development Officer Foundation Alumni Center
Development & Alumni Tittle Katelyn 9183436816 Director of Alumni - Office of Development Foundation Alumni Center 104B
Economic & Community Development Center Innovation 9183437533 Innovation Center 100
Education Opportunity Center Bedwell Susan 9183437824 Program Director Preparatory Hall 109C
Education Opportunity Center Davis Kyle 9183437758 Educational Specialist / MIS Preparatory Hall 107
Education Opportunity Center Gordon Elizabeth 9183437756 Administrative Assistant - Technology Manager Preparatory Hall 109B
Education Opportunity Center Jones Shauntay 9183437853 Educational Specialist Preparatory Hall 107
Education Opportunity Center McCutchin Keah 9183437761 Educational Specialist Off Campus OKC
Education Opportunity Center Navarro Katie 9183437709 Educational Specialist Preparatory Hall 107
Education Opportunity Center Pettis Bayone 9183437761 Educational Specialist Off Campus OKC
Education Opportunity Center Robinson Rennah 9183437760 Administrative Assistant Preparatory Hall 109C
Educational Talent Search Abbott Kevin 9183437823 Program Director Preparatory Hall 108
Educational Talent Search Gordon Elizabeth - ETS 9183437761 ETS Administrative Assistant-Technology Manager Preparatory Hall 109B
Educational Talent Search Holmes Kelly 9183437825 Academic Counselor Preparatory Hall 107
Educational Talent Search McLoughlin Jayne 9183437826 Academic Counselor Preparatory Hall 107
English & Humanities Beam Sara Dr. 9183436865 Writing Center Coordinator Baird Hall 207
English & Humanities Clay-Buck Holly 9183437724 Instructor Health Sciences 247A
English & Humanities Cox Renee 9183437978 Assistant Professor Baird Hall 215C
English & Humanities Dial-Driver Emily Dr. 9183437747 Professor Baird Hall 215J
English & Humanities Emmons-Featherston Sally Dr. 9183437976 Professor Baird Hall 215P
English & Humanities Grabowski Frank Dr. 9183437659 Department Head/Associate Professor Baird Hall 215L
English & Humanities Gray Laura Dr. 9183437593 Professor Baird Hall 215R
English & Humanities Kerlin Gioia 9183436894 Assistant Professor - Spanish Baird Hall 215F
English & Humanities Lurz Diana 9183437745 Assistant Professor Baird Hall 215B
English & Humanities Mackie Mary Dr. 9183437806 Professor Baird Hall 215S
English & Humanities Morris Frances 9183437718 Assistant Professor Baird Hall 215E
English & Humanities Oberrieder Matthew Dr. 9183437743 Assistant Professor Baird Hall 215L
English & Humanities Paul Bonnie 9183437572 Administrative Assistant Baird Hall 215
English & Humanities Reed Scott 9183437588 Developmental Instructor Baird Hall 215K
English & Humanities Townsend Cecilia 9183437587 Instructor Baird Hall 215G
English & Humanities Tuberville Brenda Dr. 9183437648 Coordinator of Developmental Studies Health Sciences 244B
Enrollment Management Barron David 9183437852 Executive Dir of Enrollment Management-Registrar Markham Hall 236
Enrollment Management Spears Cayla 9183437618 Coordinator of Digital Content and Social Media Meyer Hall 116B
Equestrian Center Barron Linda 9183719979 Bit by Bit Director Equestrian Center Barn
Equestrian Center Barron Linda 9183711750 Bit by Bit Director Equestrian Center Barn
Equestrian Center Center Equestrian 9183711750 Office of Equestrian Center and Bit by Bit Equestrian Center Office
Financial Aid Alberty Sammy 9183437554 Financial Aid Counselor Markham Hall 240
Financial Aid Brixey Cindy 9183436837 Financial Aid Counselor Markham Hall 244
Financial Aid Financial Aid Office of 9183437553 Markham Hall 249
Financial Aid Hendrix Amy 9183437556 Loan Coordinator Markham Hall 249
Financial Aid Hicks Kelly 9183437573 Director of Financial Aid Markham Hall 238
Financial Aid Kitkaeva Olga 9183437542 Financial Aid Counselor, Scholarships Markham Hall
Financial Aid Mullis Dorothy 9183437980 Assistant Director Markham Hall 238
Fine Arts Brimer Bryce 9183437611 Associate Professor Baird Hall 217E
Fine Arts Foley Hugh Dr. 9183437566 Professor Baird Hall 217D
Fine Arts Isaacs Heather 9183437740 Administrative Assistant Baird Hall 217
Fine Arts McKeon Michael Dr. 9183437594 Associate Professor Baird Hall 217B
Fine Arts Moeller Gary 9183437744 Professor Baird Hall 215C
Fine Arts Nguyen Anh-Thuy 9183437581 Assistant Professor Baird Hall 217E
Fine Arts Weller Kirk 9183437723 Assistant Professor - Director of Bands Student Union 107
Food Services Convenience Store 9183437880 Centennial Center 106
Food Services Hillcat Hut 9183437846 Centennial Center 104
Food Services Killmon Daryl 9183436829 Executive Chef Centennial Center 114E
Food Services Killmon Shellie 9183437843 Administrative Assistant Centennial Center 114C
Food Services Meyer Pamela 9183438394 Dining Manager Chapman Dining Hall
Food Services Nickel John 9183437843 General Manager Centennial Center 114B
Health Sciences Brewer Larry 9183437643 Assistant Professor Health Sciences 140A
Health Sciences Bycroft Teri 9183437585 Assistant Professor Health Sciences 159
Health Sciences Chaney Stephanie 9183437691 Administrative Assistant-EMS Health Sciences Office
Health Sciences Diede Nancy 9183437885 Department Head and Associate Professor Health Sciences 109
Health Sciences Diede-BvilleOffice Nancy 9183388013 Department Head, Assistant Professor Bartlesville Campus 601D
Health Sciences Ferguson Steven 9183437645 Assistant Professor Health Sciences 109
Health Sciences Lowry Leslie 9183437710 Instructor Health Sciences 215
Health Sciences McNickle Shirley 9183437644 Instructor Health Sciences 118
Health Sciences Miller Michael 9183437793 Instructor - EMS Health Sciences 140B
Health Sciences Ohman Clem 9183437639 Assistant Professor Health Sciences 111
Health Sciences Reith Vicky 9183437636 Instructor Health Sciences 123
Health Sciences Richards Amy 9183437633 Instructor Health Sciences 121
Health Sciences Sims Kathy 9183388055 Assistant Professor Bartlesville Campus 601H
Health Sciences Smith Karen 9183436822 Assistant Professor Health Sciences 213
Health Sciences Smith Marla Dr. 9183436887 Assistant Professor Health Sciences 159
Health Sciences Suiter MiniaJoyce 9183437641 Instructor Health Sciences 208
Health Sciences Waits Jeffrey 9183437812 EMS Clinical Instructor Health Sciences 160A
Health Sciences White Reneen 9183437631 Administrative Assistant Health Sciences 106
Health Sciences Yoder Michelle 9183437590 Accreditation Records Specialist Health Sciences 106
History & Political Science Beauchamp Michael Dr. 9183437746 Assistant Professor Baird Hall 219B
History & Political Science Hatley Paul Dr. 9183437682 Associate Professor Baird Hall 219D
History & Political Science Hicks Kenneth Dr. 9183437687 Department Head and Professor Baird Hall 219L
History & Political Science Housel Steven Dr. 9183437811 Assistant Professor Baird Hall 219C
History & Political Science Johansson Jane Dr. 9188256136 Professor Pryor Campus 106E
History & Political Science Taylor Carolyn Dr. 9183437627 Professor Baird Hall 219G
History & Political Science Taylor Quentin Dr. 9183437667 Professor Baird Hall 219H
History & Political Science Ulbrich David Dr. 9183437798 Assistant Professor Baird Hall 219E
History & Political Science Wilson Sigismond Dr. 9183437800 Assistant Professor Baird Hall 219K
History & Political Science Wong Susan 9183436811 Administrative Assistant Baird Hall 219J
Honors Program Ford James Dr. 9183437749 Dir of Honors Program - Prof Eng and Humanities Baird Hall 101B
Human Resources Mallett Kristi 9183437728 Director of Human Resources Markham Hall 108
Human Resources Perry Suzanne 9183437886 Payroll Coordinator Markham Hall 110
Human Resources Simmons Lynsey 9183437796 Employment and Benefits Coordinator Markham Hall 102
Innovation Center Arreguin Marcus 9183437769 Business Intelligence Research Analyst Innovation Center 126
Innovation Center LeCount David 9183437805 Director Innovation Center 122
Innovation Center Moore Cyndi 9183437622 Program and Event Manager Innovation Center 128
Innovation Center Pike Stephanie 9183437509 Business Development Specialist Innovation Center 124
KRSCFM Coomer-GM Cathy 9183437571 RSU Radio General Manager Markham Hall 134
KRSUTV Aills Royal 9183437657 KRSC-TV General Manager Markham Hall 200
KRSUTV CONTROL MASTER 9183437650 Markham Hall B08
KRSUTV Crain Bryan 9183437646 Producer / Director Markham Hall 144C
KRSUTV Heimdale Catherine 9183437649 Administrative Assistant Markham Hall 130
KRSUTV Jorgensen Olivia 9183437651 Traffic Coordinator Markham Hall 126
KRSUTV Kara Dan 9183437647 IT Technician Markham Hall 144
KRSUTV Mertins James 9183437658 Chief Engineer Markham Hall 132
KRSUTV Sterling Jennifer 9183437882 Membership-Program Manager Markham Hall 128
KRSUTV Yoder Tim 9183437660 Production Manager Markham Hall 144D
Library Baker Audrey 9183437721 Library Assistant, Cataloging Stratton Taylor Library
Library Clark Sarah 9183437719 Library Associate Director Stratton Taylor Library 204H
Library Desk Library Circulation 9183437716 Stratton Taylor Library 200
Library Embry Allison 9183437717 Access Services and Distance Learning Librarian Stratton Taylor Library 204E
Library Ewing Kelly 9183437716 Library Technician - Acquisitions/Audiovisual Stratton Taylor Library 200
Library Gottschalk George 9183437720 Collection Development Librarian Stratton Taylor Library
Library Gutierrez Carolyn 9183437786 Government Documents and Systems Librarian Stratton Taylor Library 306
Library Lawless Alan 9183437715 Director Stratton Taylor Library 204G
Mathematics & Physical Sciences Graham Jamie Dr. 9183436886 Department Head and Associate Professor Stratton Taylor Library 103
Mathematics & Physical Sciences Grenier Doug Dr. 9183437704 Associate Professor Stratton Taylor Library 105
Mathematics & Physical Sciences Namavar Roya 9183437620 Developmental Teacher Health Sciences 245B
Mathematics & Physical Sciences Roberts Kasia Dr. 9183437638 Assistant Professor Loshbaugh Hall 100
Mathematics & Physical Sciences Soe Min Dr. 9183437693 Professor Stratton Taylor Library 114
Mathematics & Physical Sciences StJohn Evalon 9183437725 Instructor Health Sciences 245A
Mathematics & Physical Sciences Vidurupola Sukhitha 9183437961 Assistant Professor Stratton Taylor Library 107
Mathematics & Physical Sciences Voska Kirk Dr. 9183437762 Professor Stratton Taylor Library 110
Oklahoma Early Settlement Program Thomas Marcy 9183388027 Director Bartlesville Campus 2nd Fl
Oklahoma Early Settlement Program Warren Suzanne 9183388029 Intake Worker Bartlesville Campus 217
OMA Alumni Boyle Danette Dr. 9183436888 Executive Director OMA Alumni Meyer Hall 200
OMA Alumni Ryan Tammy 9183436889 Administrative Assistant Meyer Hall 200
Physical Plant Dunham Paul 9183437708 AutoCAD Operator Physical Plant 103
Physical Plant Krause Karyn 9183437818 Part Time Controls Clerk Physical Plant FrontDesk
Physical Plant Miller James 9183437820 Maintenance Foreman Physical Plant
Physical Plant Proctor George 9183438351 Asst Physical Physical Plant 116
Physical Plant Szopinski Leonard 9183437818 Director Physical Plant 102
Pryor Campus Alexander Sherry 9188256021 Director Pryor Campus Office
Pryor Campus Best Dana 9188256176 Administrative Assistant Pryor Campus 113C
Pryor Campus Campus Pryor 9188256117 Pryor Campus Office
Pryor Campus Coats Lindsay 9183437868 Assistant Director Pryor Campus Office
Pryor Campus Coats Lindsay 9188256014 Assistant Director Pryor Campus Office
Pryor Campus Gates Faith 9188256077 Advising and Retention Specialist Pryor Campus Room A
Pryor Campus Ramsey Lisa 9183437957 Enrollment Counselor-Prosp Student Services Rep Pryor Campus Office
Pryor Campus Ramsey Lisa 9188256003 Enrollment Counselor-Prosp Student Services Rep Pryor Campus Office
Psychology, Sociology, & Criminal Justice Andrews Brian 9183437684 Assistant Professor Preparatory Hall 203B
Psychology, Sociology, & Criminal Justice Clayton Diana Dr. 9183437632 Associate Professor Preparatory Hall 204D
Psychology, Sociology, & Criminal Justice Ewe Edward 9183437652 Instructor Preparatory Hall 203F
Psychology, Sociology, & Criminal Justice Mackey Christi 9183437752 Instructor Preparatory Hall 203K
Psychology, Sociology, & Criminal Justice Marrero Abe Dr. 9183437813 Department Head and Professor Preparatory Hall 203D
Psychology, Sociology, & Criminal Justice Mays Cheri 9183437956 Instructor Preparatory Hall 203J
Psychology, Sociology, & Criminal Justice Munsell Sonya 9183437688 Instructor Preparatory Hall 204A
Psychology, Sociology, & Criminal Justice Newcomb David Dr. 9183437544 Associate Professor Preparatory Hall 203A
Psychology, Sociology, & Criminal Justice Watters Brian 9183437772 Instructor, COP Program Director and Advisor Preparatory Hall 203C
Psychology, Sociology, & Criminal Justice Woller Kevin Dr. 9183437568 Professor Preparatory Hall 204C
Public Relations Ewton Meagan 9183437968 PR Coordinator Herrington Hall 206B
Public Relations Fields Kelli 9183437994 Web Marketing Coordinator Herrington Hall 205C
Public Relations Hamby David 9183437771 Director of Public Relations Herrington Hall 205B
Public Relations Northcutt Kate 9183437779 Graphic Designer Herrington Hall 206C
Public Relations Riggs James-Randy 9183437754 Graphic Designer Herrington Hall 206D
Registrar Long Angela 9183437539 Assistant Registrar Markham Hall 234
Registrar McCullah Joni 9183437552 Enrollment Counselor Markham Hall 249
Registrar Rackley Veronica 9183437726 Data Specialist Markham Hall 228
Registrar Registrar Office of 9183437552 Markham Hall 232
Registrar Tramel Jeanne 9183437596 Enrollment Counselor Markham Hall
Registrar VanDiest Mary 9183437540 Transfer Counselor Markham Hall 230
Research and Sponsored Programs Marangoni Daniel 9183437583 Director of Research and Sponsored Programs Meyer Hall 111
Residential Life Prock Linda 9183437865 Administrative Assistant Student Apartment Complex 105
Residential Life Residential Life Office of 9183437789 Student Apartment Complex 101
Residential Life Short Kyla 9183437792 Director of Residential Life Student Apartment Complex 104
School of Business & Technology Garrison Bruce Dr. 9183437663 Dean / Professor Herrington Hall 109
School of Business & Technology Hart Regina 9183437520 Administrative Assistant Herrington Hall 105
School of Business & Technology Hatley Ronna 9183435204 Advising, Retention Specialist Herrington Hall 116
School of Business & Technology Moody Kimberly 9183436819 Reach Higher Facilitator Herrington Hall 114
School of Business & Technology Ragland Debbie 9183437663 Administrative Assistant Herrington Hall 105
School of Liberal Arts Cameron-University Office of 9183437971 Baird Hall 201
School of Liberal Arts Elwell Frank Dr. 9183437851 Dean / Professor Preparatory Hall 202B
School of Liberal Arts Goff Yolanda 9183437971 Cameron University ElemEduc AdvisementSpecialist Baird Hall 201
School of Liberal Arts Holloway Jennifer 9183436848 Cameron University Assistant Professor Baird Hall 201A
School of Liberal Arts Narcomey Alisabeth 9183437683 Administrative Assistant Preparatory Hall
School of Liberal Arts Richardson Eileen 9183436885 Cameron Instructor Baird Hall 201A
School of Mathematics, Science, & Health Sciences Martin Keith Dr. 9183437631 Dean / Professor Health Sciences 110
School of Mathematics, Science, & Health Sciences Wilson Colleen 9183438345 Advising-Retention Specialist-Math,Sci,HealthSci Loshbaugh Hall 100
Sports Management White Joel 9183437526 Assistant Professor Herrington Hall 166
Sports Management Willis Susan Dr. 9183436802 Department Head / Professor Herrington Hall 107
Student Affairs Asbury Leah 9183436828 Coordinator of Disability Services Centennial Center 201J
Student Affairs Cantrell Deana 9183437599 Administrative Assistant Centennial Center 201C
Student Affairs Crawford Brock 9183437755 Coordinator of Student Activities Centennial Center 201A
Student Affairs Launius Katy 9183437707 Director of Student Development Centennial Center 201G
Student Affairs Marsh Brent Dr. 9183437599 VP for Student Affairs Centennial Center 201D
Student Counseling Services Schroyer Andrea 9183437845 Coordinator of Counseling Services Centennial Center 201H
Student Health Center Belcher Jan 9183437614 Administrative Assistant Health Sciences 164B
Student Health Center Martin Lisa 9183437621 Director Health Sciences 163B